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5 FREE weekly planner templates to get you motivated

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in a funk. You know, the ‘I don’t want to do anything’ kind of funk. I have been skipping the gym, eating out a bunch, and pushed off all errands. I’ve also been a grinch to everyone near and dear to me (sorry, mom!) but yesterday, I said enough was enough. I typically write out my tasks in my medium monthly planner but as much as this is a great way to organize the month of September, seeing some of the upcoming events (I’m presenting at a conference at the end of this month) scares me a bit. So I thought it would be of more motivation to write out weekly tasks and goals. I’ve created 5 FREE weekly planner templates so you can write down your fitness, self care, work, errands/tasks, etc for this week! Click on the links below each preview to download yours right now! And let me know which one you like the best in the comments below.

Adding fasted cardio to intermittent fasting: Does it burn twice the calories?

If you leave for work at 7 am, to get to the gym and back, showered, ready for work would put you at a wake up time of 5 am (unless you take an hour to get ready). It’s a hard question for the night before: do I wake up early to work out or do I get that extra hour of sleep? Going off of my previous post here, my biggest concern to starting IF was fitting exercise into my workdays. I aim to be at work around 7:45 am and am scheduled to leave work around 4 pm. But with patients coming in late and complex kiddos putting us behind, I can leave work as late as 6. This puts me in a tough pickle. My 8-hour eating period is from 11-7, but if I leave work late (which occurs more often than not), I can definitely get home when the clock strikes 7. Before intermittent fasting, I was a huge afternoon workoutter. I would relieve all my work-related stress and worries at …

Intermittent fasting: Is it for me?

I have been intermittent fasting (IF) for about five months now. My day goes as follows: I skip a typical breakfast and eat two meals, the first around 11 am and the second between 6-7 pm (with a snack or two in between). Then, I fast for 16 hours until I start eating again the next day at 11 am. This is the 16:8 method. There is no dramatic weight loss picture or body fat/muscle mass measurement that I can show you, as the last time I weighed myself was at my yearly work physical and the time before that was at my previous yearly physical. But to my surprise, here are some of the changes I have noticed: I went from a 28 to 27 in pants size (even a 26 at Urban Outfitters!) My mind in the mornings have been a lot clearer – I focus on my tasks easier and I have more energy in the mornings (even without my bacon egg and cheese bagel from Spread!) I drink more water (I …